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Need to locate person, a criminal search, or a full background in The United States? Do a search and you'll find many huge companies advertising all over the internet advertising such services. Do a search using your favorite cartoon character and see what comes up like we have. Being a professional in this business for over 28 years it's comical. Apparently Bugs B*nny "could be wanted by the FBI. What is not comical is your need for accurate information and not receiving it. They bait you into thinking they found this person along with a lot of derogatory information. However it's nothing more than outdated, or made up information for the purpose of reeling you in with terms such as "be ready to be shocked by what you might find".  What they do is start with a very small fee or free advertisement, then work to sign you up for a self-renewing monthly service that's impossible to cancel.  It's ridiculous. This is why we're here. There's a need for a real person providing real information. We are regulated licensed investigators with 28+ years experience. We provide "Real Hands on a Keyboard", not a fully automated computer program running 1000's of these searches each day. This process allows us the ability to provide our customers with a boutique personal service that gets the real information you're searching. State Licensed Private Investigators ready to help you. Always a flat fee, fast results, & never any subscription or account creation requirements.


Our process is easy when you're ready to locate, or so a background search on someone across the U.S.  All you need to do is fill our intake form below. As you'll see we need very little information to proceed. Upon submitting the request, it will be assigned to a team member who will review your order, and get it processed.  We'll have the results back for you within 24 hours, and in many cases we find the information much faster. We limit ourselves to a certain amount searches each day to give you the personal attention, and quick turn around we know you're seeking. You will receive in return the most current address for a locate search, full criminal report, or full background report depending on your request.  The information will be returned to you via email by your search manager. If you should have any further request, just message them back, and we'll do what we can to accommodate your needs. Real searches by live people.


We get request to locate people for many various reasons. Looking up an old friend, need to serve legal papers, trying to find an old tenant, tracking down someone who owes you money, perhaps a contractor you paid for work and disappeared. Maybe you have a child support case and the other parent has disappeared. The list is endless. Regardless of the reason, you have a need, and we provide solutions. What is required to start would be very basic information. We of course need the persons name, we would need an approximate age or date of birth, then either an old address, old city they may have lived in, or the current city they may reside now.


Our criminal history request come in many forms. Perhaps you've recently met someone online. A family member is pursuing a relationship with a potential new love. Maybe your company needs a report for a new hire? Law firm with pending litigation? We receive criminal history report request for many of reasons. Better to be safe then sorry as the saying goes. Our team has the ability to provide you with a national criminal history search starting with very little information. The minimal we'll need in most cases would be a name, or phone number. If you only have a name we'll also need a possible city or state they currently or have previously resided. Send us what you have, and in most cases we can convert that into a report to meet your needs.


A complete background search comes in many forms. A comprehensive report will include a complete address history dating back about 20 years depending on ones age. The report will also include phone numbers or email addresses they've used within that same timeframe. The report will have information on relatives along with their personal information provided they're the age of a adults. A full criminal history, and vehicle information on your investigative subject will be included as well. Property deeds, and any professional licenses they have, along with any bankruptcies, liens and judgments placed against them. Should you have other needs, just contact us to discuss. You may also learn additional information in our frequently asked questions section at the bottom of this website. We're always available during business hours to answer all your questions.


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After we obtain the search results for our customers, we get many request to send one of our licensed surveillance professionals to that location to document various needs .  We office can provide such services from our in-house state Licensed Investigators in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Tennessee, and Texas.   Have a request you don’t see listed? Contact our team and lets discuss how we can help meet your goals.  Office professionals available to Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm.

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Can you locate someone who is homeless, in a shelter, or incarcerated?

Though we may be able to provide you with additional information to move you in a forward direction, generally it’s not possible to confirm a location when someone is in such a living situation, as they’re not leaving a paper trail. We do have the ability to research inmates in multiple counties around the U.S. Ask about more information. 

Can we obtain education records?

Our investigative team can retrieve education records in most cases. This search would require the individuals full name, date of birth, the school name, and dates they attended.

Can we retreive employment history?

There is no single tool in the market place including our professional licensed private investigator only database that will provide real time employment history. We can research if the individual has a professional license, and we do have some other proprietary resources that may help achieve your goals. Generally through our Private Detective Agencies when a request is made for this information, it involves having one of our field agents provide surveillance to follow the individual to their workplace. Ask about this service for more details. 

Can we obtain financial records or a credit report?

Simple answer is no. It’s not legal to run a persons credit without their consent.  Bank records can be obtained, however this is going to require a court subpoena. Be careful as a lot of advertisers on the internet these days are suggesting they can get this records, but you’ll find they are very dishonest, and you’ll end up with a flimsy excuse after you’ve paid a large fee.  If you foresee having to file a civil suit against someone ultimately obtaining a judgment, many of customers have a run our full background report to determine if they have any liens, bankruptcies or judgments, as this provide valuable information as to who they may be dealing with prior to the expensive of filing a civil lawsuit.

Do we guarantee the results your seeking?

It remains now and always will be impossible to 100% guarantee any investigative results. It’s simply not investigations work.  This however is where you’ll find the value in using a service backed by professional and licensed detectives live searching records. Real people doing real work.  The professional resources we have are only provided to vetted licensed investigators that go through a rigorous background check ourselves before we’re allowed to have access to such. All the online services you see at the top of search results specifically have on their websites they are “not” private investigators, and therefore are not being regulated to provide professional services like we are. What we’ll guarantee you is we’ll utilize all our investigative training, tools and know-how to provide you with the most up to date information available.  That remains the People Finder Promise, 28+ years strong.

Can we locate a minor?

We get many request each week wanting to locate a minor, and we’re afraid this is not possible using our traditional techniques. Minors do have drivers licenses, credit cards, utilities etc.  However in many cases the person making the request may know who has the child, therefore the request can be completed by simply locating the person who has the said child.  If you need to physically confirm the child is at a specific address, as about using our licensed investigators for surveillance service. Contact us for more information.  

What if the person is deceased?

Our professional data retrieval services will show if a death certificate has been filed nationally. This in most cases will also provide a date of death as well. 

Can we find social media acocunts?

Yes we can, but it should be noted, this is not one of the shinning points of our investigative resources.  Its a must to have the email used, and in many cases when someone is trying to hide a social media account, they create a new email just for that account. Ask about more details if this is something you need. 

Can we do a reverse phone lookup?

Yes we can provided it’s not a prepaid account. The fee for this service is $29.95

All the legal junk. xx does not originate data made available through our service. The data provided may contain inaccuracies, and may be incomplete. Positive or false matches in criminal search results do not provide confirmation of an individual’s criminal history or a criminal offense, and can be checked at the reporting court municipal You may not use information provided to make decisions about employment, admission, consumer credit, insurance, tenant screening or any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance. Please see Terms & Conditions for more information. You can request a copy of our name, address and refund policy from support@xx  By using our services you agree to comply with all of the conditions set forth in our terms and privacy disclosure. The information obtained from our searches is not to be used for any unlawful purposes such as stalking, harassment, investigating public officials or celebrities. Violators may be subject to civil and criminal penalties.