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Ever wondered why you’re asked for your name, address, and email when you go into a popular soap & candle store to make a $8.00 purchase? They will tell you it’s because they want to send you shopping discounts, or in the event you lose your receipt they have your information for the return. Neither of such are incorrect, but another underlying factor is they’re selling your information.

Been on a website lately, or made an online purchase which requires you click a consent button before checkout? Ever read this consent? Of course not, who has the time, or inclination to read pages of small type when making a quick purchase? These companies bank on such, then they bank again by selling your information. They now have your name, current address, and you clicked to say it’s ok to sell such.
I was in a popular designer outlet store not long ago, and overhead the cashier ask the person in front of me for her name, address, “and” date of birth, which she happily provided. What possible reason would this company need a DOB to purchase a garment? Because they’re sell that information.

Let’s hit on one more - you go into a popular mailbox service to send a package. You provide them your name, them address correct? Then you provide the name, and address of the person you’re mailing it too. Now they have your information, and can tie you into your associates. See how easy that is to build profiles?
Email list, phone number list, address list is a hugely profitable for businesses, and even government agencies. A recent report by an ABC News correspondent found The Department of Motor Vehicles in all states collectively make upwards of 50+ Million Dollars a year selling information to marketing firms, bill collectors, insurance companies, and data brokers.

WHAT MAKES MY LOCATE SERVICE DIFFERENT? Have you already tried one of 30+ companies that pop up from a web search trying to locate someone? It’s a rather entertaining process. You have a bunch of moving graphs, and they’re searching through billions of records, the person you’re searching for “may” have some criminal records, and they “might” be in financial ruin. According to one very popular site, Bugs Bunny “could” have been sentenced to prison recently, and has assets worth over $709,000.00. We ran such a search and laughed, but also were concerned this is what's being sold to people.

This is a very unregulated area of business. None of these companies are registered in any state as a Licensed Private Detective, as they would then be forced to follow certain guidelines and limit their claims.

One of the more popular locate services you’ll find has a disclaimer on their website homepage that states “CAUTION: Results may contain information that might shock you, so prepare yourself for the unexpected” So ridiculous. All they're doing is baiting you to keep going through their maze of moving graphs, spinning circles, and flashing colors giving the impression they’re unearthing all this terrible information about the person you’re seeking. This is nothing more then clever marketing that nets these companies millions of dollars for outdated information.

Here’s another one from a popular online person search website: Our premium report (the one that cost 79.95) “might” contain comments by people who know this person you're seeking, and could be shocking, embarrassing, and unfiltered. However, when we went ahead and ordered this premium report, surprise, surprise, there were none. Familiar with the word clickbait? This is a great example of such. You may wonder why my fees are $125.00 while others are say $3.00? It’s not because I’m rich, I promise. Familiar with the term, you get what you pay for? Buying information as described above to resell to the public is very expensive. Buying accurate "real" updated information is even more so, and it’s basically breaks down like this. Companies that are charging very minimal monies are purchasing the information from much smaller data brokers, and just important they’re doing so on a limited basis. Meaning they might only buy from a Junior Varsity Data Services once a year, whereas I’m updating from a Superstar Varsity Data Services daily. I'm using many of the same trade resources Police Departments use.

Much more expensive to do the latter, but also way more accurate. If you’re here reading this, the reason must be is you want to find someone, and you want the data to be accurate. There’s the cost difference. Ready to get started, just fill out my form below.



Need to locate person in The United States? Do a search and you’ll find many huge companies advertising all over the internet for locating people anywhere in the world, background info, etc. Some of these companies even advertise on TV, so they must be legit right?  Do a search using your favorite cartoon character, the more ridiculous the name the better, and see what comes up. They bait you into thinking they found this person along with a lot of derogatory information. However it’s nothing more than outdated, or made up information for the purpose of baiting you in with terms such as “this person could be wanted by the FBI”.  What they do is start a very small nominal fee, then work to sign you up for a self-renewing monthly service that’s impossible to cancel.  It’s ridiculous. This is why I’m here. There’s a need for a real person providing real information. 



When clients say I need to locate someone, to me it means to a way to contact them, therefore an address or phone number right?  That is the exact service we provide to my customers nationwide. It’s what I do!

It is important to understand a few things. If the person you’re seeking has only been gone less then 30 days, they’re the type of person ducking creditors, never pays their bills, does not maintain much of a job history, homeless, living in a shelter, in a nursing home, there’s not going to be too much information my research team is going to be able to extract.  If they’re not “putting their name out there”, it’s almost like they’re invisible.  They’re failing to leave too many breadcrumbs as some might say. However if they can found, my team can do it. 



My process is easy when you’re ready to locate someone across the U.S.  All you need to do is fill out my simple form below. I need very little information to proceed as you’ll see. Upon you submitting the request, I shall review your order, and then it’s time for us to get started!  I’ll have the results back within 24 hours, and in many cases we find the information much faster. I limit myself to a certain amount of locate searches each week to give you the personal attention and quick turn around you’re seeking.

You will receive in return the most current address available!  As a bonus in many cases their phone number and email address will be provided to you as well.  If you have any other needs, just write in the request on the bottom of my form, and I can give you an easy quote.  The process is super easy so order now!





In some cases I get a request to send a licensed surveillance professional to the location we obtain to see the happenings at such.  I can provide a State Licensed investigator for you in Texas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Maryland, South Carolina, Virginia, & Tennessee 


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